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​Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

J.P. Printers Sdn. Bhd. recognises it's responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Through an Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) management system, we will take necessary measures to provide a safe and healthy place, to protect the environment and comply with relevant local legislation and regulation, customer requirements, and other relevant requirements relating to Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety.

We will continually control and improve Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety issues by :-


  • Setting up of EHS Committee to manage policies objectives and assist the management in implementing, evaluating and improving the workplace EHS system. 

  • Reducing the consumption of natural resources, generation of scheduled and domestic wastes, promote recycling activities and programmes related to pollution.  

  • Promoting a safe working environment and to mitigate any health and physical hazards by reducing noise pollution, minimizing fire risks and eliminating potential accidents.

  • Periodically review our practices and procedures to address changing circumstances and to continually improve our performance.

  • Openly make this policy available to all staff of J.P. Printers, vendors, customers and public.

  • Promoting and fostering EHS culture where it is the responsibility of the Management, staff and its business associates in partnership and collaboration towards the benefit of the Environmental, Health & Safety policies.

  • Educate our staff, contractors, business associates, in ensuring the requirement for Environmental, Health & Safety responsibility is integrated into work practices, training and decision making and is included in performance assessment.

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